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A Menina e o Estuprador 18 + Film izle

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A Menina e o Estuprador 18 + Film izle

In São Paulo, Vanessa who is normally spoiled rotten, is neglected and rejected by her mother, practically raised alone by her butler and driver Pedro and the maid, Dalva. Vanessa has disturbing daydreams and sexual fantasies, but doesn’t let Arlindo, a teenager that flirts with her get close to her. Her best friend is Denise, a promiscuous girl that has intercourse with different men. When Vanessa discloses to Denise her problem, Denise gives the address of her psychotherapist Dr. Artur, to her friend. The unethical shrink pushes Vanessa to the edge, bringing memories of a severe trauma of her childhood. Then the disturbed Dr. Artur induces the girls to commit suicide. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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