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Adrienn Levai Model – Playboy

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Adrienn Levai Model – Playboy

Hungarian International model Adrienn Levai is red hot in this set from photographer Joel London. So what if that famous scene in From Here to Eternity features two people—who says Adrienn can’t recreate it solo? Paying homage to some of the sexiest, sandiest bodies of all time, our gorgeous International model rolls around in the surf, getting herself very wet in the process. “I always love to be naked,” sighs Adrienn. “I’m an exhibitionist, and with a good photographer, I can make masterpieces. I don’t like fashion shoots because those are about the clothes. When I’m posing nude, my body is the most important.” See red with beautifully busty model Adrienn Levai, only on Playboy Plus.

Tür: Genel

Yönetmen: Adrienn Levai

Oyuncular: Adrienn Levai

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