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Aşık melodisi Filmi 18+ Yabancı erotik film izle | HD |

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Aşık melodisi Filmi 18+ Yabancı erotik film izle |HD|

RACHEL’S husband OCTAVIO is far away on diving station. MELODY is told that both are leading a wide open Marriage that each of them has intimate friends in order to pleasantly overcome the long separations caused by their professions – RACHEL is lecturer at the University. RACHEL is expecting a visitor for the weekend, her lover ALAIN. MELODY is jealous. ALAIN on purpose left alone with MELODY by Rachel is startled to find that MELODY is a very special and charmful young lady. Contrary to his usual appearance. ALAIN seems gentle almost clumsy and embarrassed. MELODY in her beauty and innocence loses her shyness and expands like rosebud eager to catch the first sun glance. RACHEL amused by their odd behaviour, does not miss her target. Even if her moves are not plain to see her assistance is wanted and helpful. Then OCTAVIO emerges.Kaynak:sinemalar

Kategori: +18 Yetişkin Filmleri, Dram Filmleri, Romantik Filmler

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