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Blanca Brooke Model

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Blanca Brooke Model

Cybergirl Blanca Brooke is a desert rose in this sumptuous set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. In little more than a bit of silk, Blanca’s navigating the Utah desert. Totally at one with nature, she’s loving the feeling of hot sun all over her undeniably hot body. “I’d have to say my biggest turn-on is a smile,” says Blanca, flashing her own pearly whites. “And a big penis—am I allowed to say that?” Blanca’s cheeky sense of humor serves her well as a nude model. After all, stripping down for all the world to see requires a pretty evolved sense of self-confidence. “I still have natural breasts, which I think is a great asset,” she says. “I’d love a butt like Nicki Minaj, too. I am working on it!” Raise your spirits with the sensual Blanca Brooke, right here on

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