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Dorothea’s Rache (+18 Film izle)

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Dorothea’s Rache (+18 Film izle)

DOROTHEAS RACHE begins with the characters talking directly to the camera and thus us, the viewers. But this is only one of the many, many pleasantly weird things you’ll discover when watching this film. Right at the beginning we learn that Dorothea, who introduces herself as a 17 year old girl, has just made love to a Martian. And she even has a groovy, smoking meteorite to prove it. The parents are concerned if the pill will work in the case of interstellar sex … The rest of the film follows Dorothea as she tries to learn more about love (both emotionally and physically) and ends up being abused again and again by an amazing parade of creeps and freaks before Jesus Christ himself pops up to give her some good advice … Did I mention that this film is weird? The thing that cracked me up the most was Dorothea’s father who runs a firm that produces “laughing bags”. That’s some kind of small mechanism that’s in a metal box and is then put into a bag. When you shake the bag you are treated to hysterical laughter Awesome, just awesome! If only contemporary German cinema were as fascinating as this 1972 film ..

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