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Four Boxes İzle

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Four Boxes İzle

Trevor Grainger, Amber Croft and Rob Rankus are three, like, average dudes who run Go Time Liquidators – an eBay auction business. Trevor likes Stephen King, Amber wants to be a singer-songwriter, and Rob’s into the Chili Peppers. Amber used to date Trevor but now she’s going to marry Rob. They read the obituaries in order to find things they can turn into money on the internet. Pretty soon they end up in the destroyed house of a dead dude named Bill Zill, and they’re also seriously obsessing over watching a surveillance-cam website called is a dusty, digital window into the wacked-out world of a creep they call Havoc. Havoc didn’t know his apartment was wired up when he moved in. And he’s weird. He sleeps in a bat-cage, builds bombs in a dungeon, and looks like he’s planning to kill people on a seriously massive scale. Trevor, Amber and Rob decide they have to do something to find and stop Havoc, wherever he is. Or…maybe not – they could just keep watching, ’cause, as Rob says, “That’s what the internet’s for.” Havoc’s dirty, wrecked world couldn’t affect them – right? Safe, alone, deep in the dark, clean, American suburbs.
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Tür: Gerilim - Korku Filmleri, Gizem Filmleri

Yönetmen: Wyatt McDill

Oyuncular: Justin Kirk, Terryn Westbrook, Sam Rosen

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