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Lakshya 2004 filmi izle | Yüksek Kalite |

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Lakshya 2004 filmi izle |Yüksek Kalite|

It was in 1947 during the British sponsored India-Pakistan partition that the Shergill family were forced to flee their palatial home in Lahore and re-locate to a one-room unit. It was here that Mr. Shergill made the decision that he will never let such troubled times touch his family, he toiled day and night, ran a business, and moved into more spacious surroundings, only to have his parents pass away without having to enjoy the fruit of his labor. Now Shergill has two sons, Udesh and Karan, while Udesh has taken up the family business, Karan is a slacker, with no motivation to do anything. He loves Romila Dutta (Romi) and hopes to marry her someday. Then one day while watching a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, he decides to enlist in the Indian Military Academy, much to his parents’ shock and surprise. Karan’s tryst with the military does not last long, and he deserts, but when he finds out that his parents and his brother have no respect for him and they were expecting him to return home, he decides to return to the military. Years later, Karan and Romi meet. He is now Acting Captain in the Indian Military, a man with a mission, to climb Peak 5179 and host the Indian Tricolor there by any means, while Romi is now a correspondent for Global News – engaged to be married to a businessman named Manish Kunj

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