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Laura les ombres de l’été AKA Laura (Erotik Film izle)

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Laura les ombres de l’été AKA Laura (Erotik Film izle)

+18 film izle,sex filmi izle,sevişme izle,papatyafilmizle,adult film zle,adult forum,youtube erotik izle – From the internationally acclaimed master of erotica, David Hamilton (Bilitis, Tendres Cousins), comes this journey through innocence, beauty and sensuality.
Paul Thomas Myler (James Mitchell) is a celebrated sculptor and recluse who has hidden himself away in a tiny village in the South of France. By the sea he spies a beautiful young ballet dancer, Laura (Dawn Dunlap), emerging like the vision of Venus. A tragedy befalls the sculptor. Blinded by a fire, he falls in a chasm of despair. But it is the young beauty, Laura, who teaches Paul a new way of seeing. Featuring the ethereal beauty of 16 year-old Dawn Dunlap and Bond girl Maud Adams (Octopussy), Hamilton’s tasteful images directly combine the romantic with the erotic romantic in a classic portrayal of the first stirrings of sexuality.

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