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Pornopung Türkçe Altyazı – Full izle

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Pornopung Türkçe Altyazı – Full izle

Christian leaves his hometown for Oslo to finish his studies, but moves in with two guys who turn out to be big-time pick up artists. Despite endless objections, Karl and Leo decide to give Christian a complete makeover, teaching him the tricks of their trade and changing him into the kind of guy girls want to sleep with. Crack, back and sack all need a shave, and everything he’s been taught so far in life needs to be flushed out and reset. It’s time for the razor-sharp truth about life.

Tür: 2013, Dram Filmleri, En Son Çıkan Filmler, Türkçe Altyazı

Yönetmen: Johan Kaos

Oyuncular: Gitte Witt,Ingar Helge Gimle,Kristina Knaben Hennestad,Lisa Uhlen Ryssevik,Ole Christoffer Ertvag

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