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Seductress Erotikfilmizle

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Seductress Erotikfilmizle

Shauna O’Brien plays the title character in The Seductress. Alexis Baxter (O’Brien) is a literal femme fatal, marrying wealthy men and then killing them in order to assume their fortune. Kay Sanders (Gabriella Hall) has a rather large interest in the case. Kay’s boyfriend, Paul (Jonathan Smith), receives some inflammatory photographs and warns his neighbor Roman (Gary Angelino) that Roman may be in trouble. Roman takes action, and discovers that Alexis and Kay are actually sisters who are hiding a deep dark secret.

Tür: +18 Yetişkin Filmleri

Yapım: 2000

IMDB Puanı: 4,6

Yönetmen: J. Edie Martin

Oyuncular: Shauna O'Brien, Gabriella Hall, Jarod Carey

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