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Virgin Düşler +18 Yabancı Adult Erotikfilmizle

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Virgin Düşler +18 Yabancı Adult Erotikfilmizle

This is the story of Nancy, a young girl who is sexually repressed. When her boyfriend proposes, Nancy is delighted. She begins to have erotic dreams. Nancy is dreaming of her parents taunting her – making love in front of her. Her father encourages her boyfriend to try and “open her up”, without going all the way. Nancy finds Danny swimming nude in the pool, and he encourages her to undress and allow him to fondle her, but Dan’s behavior goes too far for her, and she runs away in anger. In Nancy’s dreams, Danny bears down on a motorcycle and they make love in the woods. the father and mother are involved in these dreams also, becoming more like nightmares, imagining them acting out S&M rituals. Nancy, becoming more and more terrified, vows she must never sleep again. Finally, in exhaustion, she tries to run away from home. Her parents rush out to find a doctor and leave Danny to watch over her, drugging Nancy first with sleeping pills to keep her calm. In a continuing dream sequence, Nancy now sees murals of people turning into a fantastic orgy in which she is ravished by a multitude. She then begins to sleep walk and comes upon Danny, and acts out these dreams with him. In climaxing, she awakens. Through a flood of desire, she drags the bewildered Danny into the pool and they make love underwater, above water, poolside, ending in a cosmic explosion of lovemaking.

Tür: +18 Yetişkin Filmleri

Yapım: 1977

Yönetmen: Zebedy Colt

Etiketler: , , ,

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